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December 20, 2006
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Ninth Phase

Chapter 1 – Full Moon

       “Eeeh?! I’m late!” A shriek was heard throughout the small house. A teenage girl leapt up from her bed, bolting to the closet to grab the uniform that she was forced to wear. School had begun to get harder on her nerves; her marks were showing how tired she was. She had no inspiration to do anything and had a few friends to share her spare time with. She stared at herself in a body length mirror, her eyes lined with black as if she hadn’t slept in a few days. Her brown locks all messy after tossing and turning in her sleep. She straightened up right after hearing a knock on the door; she frantically reached for her blanket and dove back into bed; pretending to sleep. Her older brother walked into the room, and upon inspecting her he realized she was still sleeping. He slipped his hands under the mattress and flipped it over like a pancake; a loud thud was heard before a groan of pain. Beneath the covers, the teenage girl rubbed her backside.
       “Derek! That wasn’t nice!!” She pouted; rubbing her butt still, only to see her older brother was enjoying her pain.
       “Get up! You’re going to be more late then you already are! I’m not driving you today either, Nikoru!”
       Since their parents split up when they were young, they had gone their separate ways and Nikoru chose to live with her two oldest brothers, their parents didn’t mind. But things were starting to get tight. Their rent was due and they didn’t have enough money to handle the bills this month. Nikoru knew that they were trying their hardest to keep up but sometimes it was harder then you could imagine.
       “I brought some friends.” Her oldest brother of the two, Damian, followed by two cats that rushed into the room anxious to see their favourite person.
        Other then the two ‘human’ friends she had at school, her two cats at home were her heart and soul, the friends she would pour her heart out too and talk too even though couldn’t speak back. They were brother and sister as they came from the same litter when they were kittens, because of that we didn’t want to separate them when we bought them. One had mostly black and gold-ish fur, and male and oldest brother named Tigger while the other was the small female, covered in white and grey fur, named Sam. They both seemed as good as humans, whenever Nikoru was sick Tigger would guard the door to make sure no one would come in while she was down while Sam laid down with her and comforted her, sniffing at her to make sure she was alive and alright. After school she would always be greeted by them sitting there and meowing up at her when she stepped through the door.
       “You must have let the door close, they were meowing all night to see you,” Damian spoke tiredly, looking down at his little sister being cuddled by her cats. Damian’s eyes narrowed, unimpressed and too tired to care, “Oh, and you have fifteen minutes to get to school…”
       “EHHHHHHH?!!?!?!” The whole neighbourhood must have heard her scream.

       Minutes later, she came racing out from her house, barely wearing her running shoes. She ran as fast as she could down the street, her brown hair blew in the passing wind as well as her skirt. Living only a few blocks from the school gave her an advantage in not having to take buses and taxis just to get to school. Although she was almost always late for class for waiting too long and having to run all the way to school, it was a good workout for her. When she saw students from her school walking along the sidewalk, she didn’t bother slowing down; maybe she will get there earlier and surprise everyone.
       “YEAH! That would be so great!” She smiled happily, running without looking where she was going. She ended up slamming into the back of someone and stumbled back, raising her hand up to touch her chest.
       “Ow! That hurt~!” She whimpered before opening her eyes to see the young man she had bumped into turn his head toward her. His hair and his dull green eye gave him away and already she knew this was bad. This young man was one that no one wanted to mess with, a loner and troublemaker… he barely followed school uniform. His hair was dark violet, covering his right eye, reaching down to his chin. Plain flat hair, no layering or anything…so plain. She only saw the one dull eye, outlined in dark black. She had no idea if it was makeup or the fact that he probably never sleeps but she didn’t want to ask him. She took several steps back a little scared and closed her eyes, turning her head in fear and ran around him.
       “I’m sorry!” She yelled while running away, afraid of what he might say or do to her for acting carelessly. The man’s eyebrow rose up after this, he merely stood there for a few more moments watching the scared girl run away from him as if he would beat the crap out of her for breathing. He reached up and fixed his belted collar around his neck then continued walking so he too would not be late for his class.

       Nikoru slid into the classroom holding her arms out dramatically as if saying ‘I am here! Marvel in my presence’ but all she found was a few people standing around and one seated at the back of the class. Her expression dropped as she slid up to the man in the seat and raised her eyebrow. He quickly slammed his hand onto the book he was writing in which made every hair on Nikoru’s head stand on end.
       “EEP!” She shrieked, then blinked when she got no reaction from him. She slid in front of his desk and wiggled her hands still waiting for a reaction to her being early.
       “Oh hello Nikoru…” The boy said, fixing his glasses and raised his head up. Like always his hair was messy brown but at least he was wearing the mandatory school uniform, black and buttoned up in the front; quite nice for everyday wear at school. He gave her a soft smile. Nikoru smiled brightly, tilting her head to the side.
       “Morning Kyle… Ready for hell today?” Nikoru said, rising up a finger as if she was being more intelligent. By hell she meant class, this was merely a filler class that they happened to be in together. They had been in one class since grade nine and had grown to have a great friendship. She had a passion for art while he had a passion for writing. Although they have had their arguments and hard times, they were still best of friends.
       “Heh, that’s right!” He gave her a thumbs up in return, grinning up at her.
       “Good, then you won’t mind me reading your latest story in class right?” She snatched his binder away from him and ran across the class, holding it above her head. Kyle blinked then hopped up, holding out his hand.
       “H-HEY! NIKORU!! Give that back! I-It’s not done yet!” He raced after her unfortunately she had ran across the class already, jumping over chairs before he was able to get to her. The students moved out of the way when they came racing by, both starting to laugh; laughing at themselves and the situation.

       After several hours of the boring school routine that she has grown to memorize, she wandered home alone. In her hand was a piece of paper which had a lot of red ink on it, circling everything that was wrong and her mark was a failing one. Her eyes softened recalling what the teacher had said about it and lectured at her. The truth was that she froze on tests a lot even if she did understand everything. Her head hung low and her feet dragged along the ground, dreading when she would have to show it to her brothers to get it signed. When she reached the front of her house, she looked up at it breathing in deeply before walking up to the door. She opened it as quietly as possible, knowing well that one of her brothers was home already.
       “And why are we sneaking around?” Derek asked as he stood by the door as it slowly opened to reveal a shocked and scared Nikoru.
       “N-Nothing!” she stood straight, sliding the paper behind her back sneakily, but apparently not sneaky enough. She saw her brother’s eyes dart to the paper before he glared at her.
       “Another failing test? Nikoru! You know how hard it will be for you to get into post-secondary school with the marks you have right now! I’m ashamed to be your brother right now with how you’re doing in my old school! You are shaming our last name!!”
Nikoru just stood there with the paper behind her back, holding back the tears that were welling in her dark blue eyes. Her eyes softened with every harsh word that came from his lips, they felt like a thousand knives stabbing her at once. She couldn’t take it anymore, she shook her head shaking off all that he was just saying then rose her head up.
       “Everyone isn’t as wonderful as you are! How would you know how I feel! You’re not my father and you never will!!” she yelled in his face, throwing up the paper in the air before running off. Derek watched her rush off hearing her begin to whimper. His harsh eyes turned more sentimental and looked back at the paper that had just touched the ground. He bent down and picked it up slowly, looking it over.
       “It’s… so simple…” he said, almost to himself as he slowly made his way into the kitchen to sit and think about the situation.

       Nikoru had run up the stairs with her shoes on, making her journey sound so much louder. Her hand grazed under her eyes, wiping the tears that had rolled down her soft cheeks. She swung the door open and rushed into her room, her two cats perked up seeing her home from school. She collapsed on the floor in front of them, placing her hands on the ground. Her cats approached with caution, looking up at her face and sniffed at the air, checking to see if she was all right. Nikoru only placed her hands over her teary eyes and cried out.
       “I bet it’s so much easier to be a cat then a human! All you have to do is eat and sleep! You two are my best friends and you can’t even speak or hold me! I wish you knew what it was like… I wish you were like me… human…” She whimpered behind her moist palms. Suddenly, she took in a quick breath as she felt something against her arm. She looked down to see Sam rubbing her head against her arm and purring. Tigger climbing up onto her lap and looking up at her with compassion. She smiled through her tears and took hold of her two cats, embracing them both at once then stood up, carrying them to her bed. She picked out something to wear when she slept, slowly pulling off her uniform and set it somewhere where it would not get ruined or wrinkled. She held up the pajamas and pulled the shirt over her head, her head popped out from the top, strands of hair standing on end. She bent down a bit and pulled up the matching pajama pants before looking to her cats, holding out her arms and turned.
       “How is this?” she asked, doing a small fashion show turn before she smiled to them, only getting a soft mew from them both. She nodded and pulled back the heavy sheet to her bed and climbed in, pulling the sheet up to her chin. It wasn’t long until her mind was racing with the events that had happened that day, tears coming to her eyes. Her hand gripped on to the sheets until Tigger jumped over her and laid down against her, rubbing his head under her chin for comfort and Sam took her spot against her legs. Nikoru’s arm slinked around Tigger and held him tightly as she silently cried.

       The sun rose high in the sky the next morning, shining through her blinds lighting up the room slightly. The radio flicked on at exactly seven a.m. causing Nikoru to stir slightly. She stretched her arms while she listened lazily to a commercial about a new hair removal treatment. Rubbing her eyes and making a soft slurred comment about how fake that was, she set her hands down on either side of her body to push herself up. Her hand laid down on something hard, unlike her comfy bed this thing was hard. Much harder then even a cats body, which then scared her that maybe she had killed one of her cats while she slept. She grabbed the covers and threw them back, the first thing she saw was a long strand of black hair whip back with the swift motion of her covers. A cat ear twitched but this one wasn’t the small normal sized ear, it was twice as big. A round human head and bare shoulders were next to be noticed. The person rolled over to reveal a young man with strange black markings running down from his eyes, his eerie emerald green eyes narrowed catlike at her. His cat ears flattened against his long black flowing hair before a smile came to his lips.
       “Good morning…” He spoke lowly, his voice complimenting his handsome features.
Go Foward To Chapter Two

First chapter of my manga. I decided to write it out and plan it for a while before starting the manga from the top of my head.

Length: 2,325 Words

December 20, 2006 - Posted; A bit of editing from Duisternis550

Art & Story (C) =dark-magician-nikoru
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